What to Pack for Glastonbury Festival

What to Pack for Glastonbury Festival

What to pack fro Glastonbury!

Way Out Far are off to Glastonbury Festival ¬†tomorrow and we’ve been busy planning what to take. You may have been before or perhaps you are festival virgin, so we’ve created a handy video to take you through some of our choice items, such as key essentials tent, sleeping bag and kettle; and then the more luxury items such as dry shampoo and snacks. Read on to see the video and see our full list of items, lovingly curated as packing for Glastonbury can be a lot of fun and get you and everyone you know who’s going a little overexcited!

If you want the definitive list, then here it is:

House keys
Money belt/wallet
4 man tent
Self inflating camping mat
Sleeping bags
Travel pillow
Camping kettle
Camping stove and 2 x butane gas canisters
Camping cups
Hip flask
Small frying pan
Gazebo (boo!)
Festival chairs
Toilet roll
Travel tissues
Hand sanitiser
Gaffer tape
Cable ties
Bonfire bucket
Saw and hammer
Flags to decorate camp with
Eye mask
Ear plugs
Snacks (cereal bars and chocolate)
Face wipes
Water container
Dry shampoo
Vitamin C
Face wipes
Things to dress up (Vicki is going to rock the 50’s look this year)
Flip flops (you’ll hate wellies if/when the sun comes out)
Shorts / t-shirts / trousers
Lots of socks
Phone charger (holds 2 charges!)
Lots of patience
Sense of humour

We’d love to know if you’re going to Glastonbury Festival 2013 this week too and would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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