More Vintage Postcards – New York Edition

More Vintage Postcards – New York Edition

Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards
Here at Way Out Far, we’re big fans of vintage postcards, often found when stumbling across thrift shops and fleas markets when we are away. Vintage postcards are a great way of seeing how where people used to travel and how they used to travel. We had a rummage around the Brooklyn Flea Market last autumn (or Fall depending what side of the pond you are on) when visiting New York and this is what we found.

Long Bridge, Lake Lamoille, VT

For those outside of the USA, VT means Vermont, which is one of the most north-easterly states in America. This postcard dates from 1911 and is addressed to Belle (that name needs to make a comeback!) Even back then, our author, Lizzie, deems the area to be an ideal place for a vacation. Lamoille County (as detailed on the Vermont Visitors Network) is now renowned for it’s ski areas: Stowe and Smugglers’ Notch.

Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards

Florida Beauty Spots

Moving forward to the 1950s and we bring you the Florida holiday of Hazel and partner (does it say Rrealie readers?) who are writing to wish their friends back in Massachusetts all the best in their new home.

Edward W. Bok, editor of the popular women’s magazine Ladies Home Journal commissioned the transformation of an arid sand hill into “a spot of beauty second to none in the country” with the Singing Tower taking centrepiece. You can’t go inside the tower these days as it’s not open to the public, but you can see inside if you’re a member. It’s nice to see a tranquil and fairly classy side of Florida as the place does seem to have a reputation for being “a little odd”.

Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards

The Hemlocks, Center Lake, MS

Back to the early 20th Century again and we take you to the home state of the above recipient: Massachusetts. It appears that it was so hot that our author was getting a little tanned. Nothing much has changed the past 100 years then.

Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards

Holton St. Viaduct, Milwaukee

We’ll finish up with this inspiring message from “H” to their friend Emil back in 1908. He (we’reassuming this is a he here and happy to debate it…) proclaims that the Holton St. Viaduct in Milwaukee (now known as the Holton Street Bridge) is “a quiet place when there is no noise”. Much like every other place when noise is taken out the equation…
Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards

Thanks for reading this post and our found vintage postcards in depth. If you liked it, tell us below! Maybe you can read the writing a little better than we can, then let us know. These posts are meant to be a bit of fun (with a touch of education) so if you have an alternative for what it should have said, that would be appreciated too!

Until the next thrift shop…

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