Travel With a Baby – Will it Happen for Us?

Travel With a Baby – Will it Happen for Us?

By @wayoutfarvicki

The time is almost near. in just under four weeks, we hope to welcome our baby into the world. It’s getting harder to find time to write posts and soon we won’t have much time at all as our days will be filled with feeding and catching bits of random sleep when we can. So before this fate befalls us, we thought it would be fun to put some ideas together about if and how we could travel with a baby. It might not happen for a while. We may be housebound for months as our new evil baby overlord master demands food and sleep to the point where we have no time to even shower let alone think about the luxury of travel, so this post will be interesting to revisit next year to see how far we can get planning a road trip or any type of travel with a baby. Enjoy!

The Fantasy – Easy to Transport

Small babies are easy to carry around and if we end up using a sling, then we may not even need to take a pram with us which would save long airport queues and starting pram wars on buses.

The Reality?

Carrying a 6lb baby  (please god…oh please don’t let the baby be any bigger when labour hits…) around should be easy however, that baby WILL be getting bigger and I’m not sure how easy things will be without taking a pram or pushchair out with us. We may have to suck it up that we’ll be a travelling procession of baby furniture like the rest of the parent-race.

The Fantasy – Easy to Feed on the Go

I hope to breastfeed our baby for at least the first six months providing everything goes well. This means that we should be able to minimise all the things that we have to cart around with us. No bottles, formula or food during that time meaning smaller bags and less luggage.

The Reality?

Well let’s be realistic here: breastfeeding in the UK is hard work, let alone overseas. We would hope that women would feel free to feed their babies wherever is comfortable, rather than in a service station toilet or equivalent “hiding place”. It depends on where we travel to, but we expect some access issues. Let’s hope not!

The Fantasy – Low Cost Flights

Most airlines allow children aged up to two years old to fly without having to pay for a ticket if you plan to have them on your lap. Some may charge a small fee for this though, which is usually a percentage of the adult’s ticket such as British Airways (who we collect Avios points with anyway) who charge 10%. This means that we could consider taking the baby on journeys that we couldn’t justify if they were older such as a planned trip to a friend’s wedding in Melbourne in 2016.

The Reality?

A good thing never lasts, especially in times of austerity, so we don’t expect that this will remain free or low cost for much longer. Even back in 2011, it was reported that the cost of travelling with a baby could be higher than your actual ticket on some budget airlines. it’s only a matter of time before the free ride ends. We look forward to reviewing this one again next year as it will have a big impact on our travel plans!

The Fantasy – Road Trips Will Be Pleasant

We’ll strap baby into their car seat and head off into the big wide world where it will be all nursery rhyme singing and rest stop filled. Baby will sit and gaze at the wonder of the world as we drive by bright and sunny scenery, giving them visual stimulation and education at the same time. We’ll always stop in time for feeding and nappy changes and Josh and I will talk for hours about the arts and current affairs. Baby will get to listen to Nirvana and other educational bands as we drive.

The Reality?

The baby will cry… a lot.
We’ll never be near enough to a rest stop to cope with the crying.
It will rain and we’ll get stuck in traffic. A lot.
Josh and I will talk about the baby’s poo patterns.
We’ll only play nursery rhymes as baby seems to sleep through those.
The baby will wake up anyway and cry.

We hope you found this post fun! We are under no impression that travelling with a baby will be easy and will come back next year to tell you how we get on. If you have any tips about travelling with a baby, please PLEASE do tell us below as we’ll be on a steep learning curve next year. We’ll be back in the new year to introduce baby and get back on the road.

Until then have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Josh and Vicki x


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