The Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally

You may have heard of the Mongol Rally. Suggestions that a friend of a friend had did it once or a glimpse online during one bored lunch break. You probably didn’t think nothing more of it until you started to see the pictures on your Facebook feed of that friend of a friend knee-deep in mud trying to push their battered Fiat Panda out of a river in the middle of Russia because it had stalled and they looked so….tired. You probably laughed at them a bit thinking “thank goodness I’m off to Tenerife this year for my holidays! That’s a proper holiday!” and then went online to find some of that really lovely sunscreen you saw in a magazine that morning.

Well done you.

Me and my husband, along with 400 other teams, set off from Goodwood Park, the home of the Festival of Speed, in 2010 in a 1987 Escort Cabriolet and then drove through 11 countries, encountering all manner of border and visa issues, the loss of a team mate, a party in a castle, Russian gangsters, corrupt policeman, amazing views, beautiful scenery, the kindness of strangers and 3 massive breakdowns before we made it around 8000 miles later in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It took us around four weeks to complete and it really was the adventure of our lives.

Well done us.

I haven’t really been able to share our stories before but this blog will contain many hints and tips for surviving the Rally and we’ll start to publish those in the New Year once teams are starting to think about their own trip next Summer.

If you want to know more about the Mongol rally for now, then please visit the Adventurists’ website, and I highly suggest you watch this video. Travelling is really for sissies..

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