The Final Day of Our SE Asia Travels

The Final Day of Our SE Asia Travels

Our last day in SE Asia - Kuala LumpurBy @wayoutfarvicki

We found our diary entry for our last day on our SE Asia travels back from 2009 and wanted to share it with you as we celebrate 5 years since we got back…

7th June 2009 So here we are – our very last day away from home and it’s our last day in SE Asia. We’re in Kuala Lumpur. So many places have become home over the past 15 months that going back to London just feels like another adventure. We slept in until 11am in our windowless room in which was so stuffy. I long for a good night’s sleep soon! Then we fed up on free breakfast and cught the train to the Petronas Towers – the largest twin buildings in the world.

Arriving at 12.30pm we were very unlikely to get the free tickets issues every morning to visitors – the limit is 1300, so instead just busied ourselves with taking pictures and being amused by the creative ways that other tourists were taking their pictures.

We were staying in the China Town district so we went on the hunt fro some whiskey, ending up in a dodgy liquor store quite a few streets of the broken track. It had every possible drink you could think of and so we bought bad whiskey fro our friends back home.

So packed and into a cab, it soon transpired that I had not paid attention to our itinerary as we couldn’t find our flight when we looked at the departures board. We were actually in the wrong airport (KL International) and should have been at the low-cost terminal. A helpful executive driver took us to the right airport (for quite the fee) in just ten minutes (rather than then possible half hour we were looking at) very much earning his money and stopping these two hippy look-a-likes form missing their budget long-haul flight home.

So all checked in and on the plane and with 13 hours to pass, we had plenty of time to reflect on our travels. We have become even more confident travellers with our eyes opened up to an array of experiences that want us to better ourselves even more.

Our last days in SE Asia

Luckily we had managed to visit SE Asia in the right decade…

So may faces have passed us by! The tanned dolly-birds of Sydney; the mountain Bogans of the Glasshouse Mountains; the friendly locals in the QLD fishing towns; the tuk-tuk drivers and their constant harassing; men that stare; women that stare; kids that stare, smiley Laotians; moody Thais; funny Cambodians; hassling Vietnamese.

I loved meeting the crazy American the day we had our stuff stolen in Nha Trang. It made us feel so much better. I loved the girl whose family made us clothes in Hoi-An. I loved the Brit and Canadian who we went tubing with in Vang Vieng (Matt and Hapi). I loved the tour guide in Halong Bay who confessed to us how much he hated his job. I loved the people we met in Si Phan Don – a welcome dose of Britishness and we loved Sukri – our taxi driver who took us around Angor Wat for two days. We even got to meet his wife and he taught us a lot about Cambodians.

There are some regrets from this trip, such as not spending enough time in Cambodia and making sure we had enough money before embarking on travel. We seem to spend a lot of time looking for ATMs!

Since leaving Australia we managed to hit up almost 22 destinations in around 6 weeks, spending prolonged time in around 16 places. That’s almost 3 destinations a week! This definitely has been a ‘greatest hits’ of the Mekong Delta and has definitely giving us food for thought as to where to come back to. I would definitely head back to Cambodia as soon as I could too, heading back as a responsible tourist.

I’d travel even lighter and stay at even cheaper guest houses (if that’s possible) simply to keep the travel fund going for longer. I can’t see this being the last time we travel extensively. I just can’t!

Now time for a rest to see this long flight through and closer to seeing our friends and family again.Our last picture together in SE Asia

Thanks for reading! We’d love to know what he last day’s of one our your trips was like? Were you introspective? Were you really looking forward to seeing everyone back home or were you sad to be leaving? Let us relive those memories with you!

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