An Adventure Christmas in Queenstown, New Zealand

Mount Cook, New Zealand

In December 2008, we were lucky enough to spend our Christmas in Queenstown, New Zealand after having travelled around the south island for around seven days first. As a couple in our 20s, we were used to going to our respective family homes for the festive season and this was the first time that we actually got to spend it together and alone and the world was our oyster. We were in the extreme sports capital of the world and we were going to get as much out of stay as possible.

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The Rickshaw Run Spring 2012 (Part 3) – On the Road

Vicki in a Rickshaw

Early mornings are not my favourite

So thanks for joining me for the third part of our Rickshaw Run story (Part 1 here and Part 2 here). You just left us as we had set off from the start line in Fort Cochin and headed off on our big adventure driving a rickshaw 4000km through India.

We managed to get on the freeway pretty quickly after leaving the start line in Fort Cochin (with my husband Josh driving) and it was astonishing the transformation that he underwent in just a couple of hours. The White Van Man had the opportunity to shine in India! There are literally no rules on the road and if a car wants to drive the way down the road at you, then it will and if he wants to stop in front of you and do a ten-point turn whilst traffic builds up behind you – in the middle of a highway, then he bloody well will! The White Van Man gets to get on the horn throughout all of this and as such, is in his element.

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Test Driving the Rickshaw For the First Time

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This is us test driving our rickshaw before heading off on the Rickshaw Run from Cochin. There really is nothing like the sound of a rickshaw to get you all revved up…and jangle your nerves. Thanks for your patience with part 3 of our Rickshaw Run story – it’s to follow very soon! (You can use these links to get to Part 1 and 2).

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The Rickshaw Run Spring 2012 (Part 2) – Getting ready to go!

Rickshaw Run - Looking at the Rickshaw Engine
So thanks for joining me for the second part of our Rickshaw Run story (Part 1 here). You left us as we just got married and about to head on our honeymoon driving a rickshaw 4000km from south to north India. We flew into the starting town of Cochin, Kerala late at night, and got a taxi to our hotel. It was then that we got to experience true Indian driving for the first time as both of us sat there white-knuckled as the driver drove at oncoming cars (sometimes with their lights off) and beeped the horn constantly.

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The Rickshaw Run Spring 2012 (Part 1)

The Rickshaw Run
The Rickshaw Run is a race which sees participants “speed” through various routes in India in a rickshaw, although it’s certainly not a race and more of an adventure. The challenge is really more about trying to leave behind the comforts of travelling and head into the unknown and you are actively encouraged to pack as little as possible to help you on your journey. I’d really like to share with you our experience on the Rickshaw Run earlier this year…

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New York: The Power is Back on After Hurricane Sandy!

I couldn’t help but share this video of the reaction of New Yorkers as the power came back on in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Friday after Hurricane Sandy. You would have thought it was New Year’s Eve in Times Square!

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Hurricane Sandy: Thoughts are With New York

Hurricane Sandy - Manhattan


Wow – it’s crazy to think that New York had one of it’s most eventful nights this week with the landing of Hurricane Sandy (now labelled a post-tropical cyclone). Last week whilst we were there, the skies were blue and the thoughts of the storm were very much in the back of New Yorker’s minds, even though the news was telling them it was coming. Residents were more interested about the upcoming televised Presidential debate. Now 8 million residents remain without electricity across the east coast – although not north of 26th Street as you can see in the picture above.

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Mongolia: Falling in Love with a View of Nowhere

One cold evening in London, myself and my then-boyfriend (now husband) lucky enough to watch a programme on ITV2 called ‘Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkies’ where Jack took a bunch of down-on-their-luck British kids around the world to overcome their biggest fears and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. They got to bungee jump, skydive and trek in some amazing places that didn’t even seem like tourist destinations and then at the end of the series, Jack and his friends took a couple of the kids on a wild ride driving from London to Mongolia in The Mongol Rally.

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