The High Line – One of New York City’s Best Parks

Way Out Far - New York City High Line
Over to the lower west side of New York City is The High Line  – a  raised park park built on a 1.45-mile section of the former elevated New York Central Railroad. Surely if you’ve been to New York City, you’ve been there? It’s one of the worst-kept secrets in town! We visited one weekday evening last year as the sun was setting and thought it was high-time to share our walk with you through this photo essay…

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Planning an Iceland Road Trip



Way Out Far are working people and as such we can’t give you daily destination stories, but we are excited to finally be able to tell you about our planned Iceland road trip in December. There’s quite a bit of research required,such as where to stay, what car to drive and where to stop to try and see the fabled aurora borealis and we thought that we would share some of our research with you in the hope that we may inspire you to do the same this Christmas…

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Going to The Fringe Festival Edinburgh?

We just got back from our third year in a row at The Fringe Festival Edinburgh. As big fans of comedy, it’s been an annual treat for us to head up to Scotland and discover new comedians, acts and craziness and this year was no difference. We’ve never written about our experiences before, so thought it might we worth sharing with you what makes a great Edinburgh trip and perhaps recommend a few people to go and see in the last week.

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London Road Trip

We’re working people at Way Out Far, so we have to plan our travel carefully and are all too aware that we cannot provide exciting adventures to readers all the time. This is why we hope that you find past stories, such as the Mongol Rally and The Rickshaw Run fun and interesting to read while you wait for our next road trip. Right now, we are counting down the days until The Edinburgh Festival and we’ll be doing that journey by train. In the meantime, we thought that we would hit our local area for a London road trip to show you that you can take great trips close to home – especially in the UK.

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What to Pack for Glastonbury Festival

What to pack fro Glastonbury!

Way Out Far are off to Glastonbury Festival  tomorrow and we’ve been busy planning what to take. You may have been before or perhaps you are festival virgin, so we’ve created a handy video to take you through some of our choice items, such as key essentials tent, sleeping bag and kettle; and then the more luxury items such as dry shampoo and snacks. Read on to see the video and see our full list of items, lovingly curated as packing for Glastonbury can be a lot of fun and get you and everyone you know who’s going a little overexcited!

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How to Plan a Glastonbury Festival Road Trip

Thanks to this rather ingenious website, Countdown to Glastonbury, we can tell you that it’s 27 Days, 11 Hours, 36 Minutes and 15 seconds to go until Worthy Farm open up and let the estimated 150,000 people through it’s gates for the first Glastonbury Festival since 2011. The festival had a fallow year last year (plus it was the year of “Jubilympics” so we needed the port-a-loos) so Michael and Emily Eavis had a year off to go on holiday and do things that they probably wouldn’t have time to do. They’re back and they have booked some big name acts and preparing their land and the town for one of the biggest festivals in Europe and we can’t wait!

Way Out Far have been to Glasto a few times and in the great tradition of our blog, we’re going to turn the journey there into an epic road trip so that we can squeeze all the possible fun we can out of the 6 days that we’re away. We’ll have to do some planning, so thought we’d share it with you in case your heading there too.

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Vintage Postcards Show Tourism from the Twentieth Century

While we were in Ireland last month on our mini road trip, we happened to find a thrift shop on York Street in Cork that sold all manner of treasures. In particular was a box full of old postcards and most had messages on the back and had been posted to someone in Ireland. There’s something magical about finding things like this as they are a snap shot of the past and insight into how people took trips back before there was cheap Ryan Air flights and package deals to Thailand. We managed to find quite a few vintage postcards to bring home and show you and where possible, we have tried to decipher the handwriting on the back, although it’s pretty difficult as people had quite curly joined-up writing in the olden days!

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The Magic Road – An Ireland Road Trip Must!

During our Ireland road trip over the Easter break this year, we had panned to visit Kilwatermoy, a small place that Josh lived as a child in the 1990s. Our trip down memory lane only took the morning, so that afternoon, we headed off for the Mahon Falls in search of The Magic Road, a place that Josh had visited as a teenager  where the optical illusion of the surrounding scenery makes you believe that the road goes uphill, when in fact it’s downhill and you can test this yourself, by releasing the handbrake of your car and seeing if it rolls. It’s a bit harder to find than we planned, so off we headed to see if it was truly magic.

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What Makes a Great Ireland Road Trip?

Way Out Far spent this Easter driving around the south west of Ireland. No strangers to a good road trip, we have often felt that it is only done with as little preparation as possible (which is the overhang from our Mongol Rally days), but this particular trip was celebrating our first year wedding anniversary, so it had to be organised a little in advance first. Vicki let’s you in on what makes a great Ireland road trip.

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Dining at the speakeasy Dry Martini, Barcelona

As a rule, Way Out Far wouldn’t usually post about restaurants from the places we’ve been, unless it was really weird (we have to tell you about that yak’s milk tea that we had in Mongolia sometime) . There are a lot of other travel blogs that are so much better than us at that type of thing to be honest, but as I am not a full time travel blogger, I have to try and fit in my trips when I can and if I go away for work, it can get pretty difficult to try and keep my Way Out far hat on whilst doing my day job. As such, I don’t have much to share with you about Barcelona apart from this lovely restaurant.

It’s called speakeasy Dry Martini and it was opened in 2002 by master cocktail-maker Javier de las Muelas, located at the Dry Martini warehouse and it pays homage to the Prohibition era of 1920s America the USA. Interestingly enough every customer that orders a Martini can receive a signed certificate, with the millionth dry Martini being served in 2010.

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Five Things I Want to Do at The SXSW Conference in Austin

Austin Texas Lake Front


The South by Southwest Festival (a.k.a SXSW) is an annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin over nine days. It’s grown beyond expectations since its humble late-’80s beginnings as a regional showcase for musicians from the south-west corner of the United States. It’s the place for artists, companies and individuals alike to showcase their acts, films, products and get together to discuss these with like minded people over a taco and a cocktail.
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Choosing Where to See Elephants in Thailand

Elephant Nature Park

One of the best places that we visited whilst in Thailand last month, was The Elephant Nature Park. Based to the north of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, it was founded by Even Lek in 1995, as a sanctuary for elephants rescued or retied from hard labour or abuse. The elephants are allowed to roam freely across the many acres of land and they choose their own companions and they live a very happy life eating, hanging out, bathing and socialising.

The park is open to day-visitors for a fee of around £50 (inc. travel and lunch) where you are taken to meet the elephants in small groups, feed and bathe them and generally watch them be themselves. It’s not that hard to do a little research online to find a place like this and that is exactly how I found them.

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Road Trip from Chiang Mai to Pai on a Motorbike

Motorbike in Chiang Mai
By @wayoutfarvicki

One of the first things that Josh wanted to do as soon as we arrived in Chiang Mai, was to hire a motorbike. Not just a scooter – we had done that in the past. Oh no, he wanted a bike that was going to make people turn their heads when he revved and also be able to get up a hill without us leaning forward and hoping for forward motion (like on the rickshaw). Seeing as the past couple of trips of ours had involved bad vehicles, it was not too surprising that he wanted to ramp things up and with a little research, hired the lovely, big, shiny red bike you see above.

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Things We Wished We Did in Thailand the First Time Round

Khaosan Road, Thailand

Khaosan Road, Thailand – all new and shiny like in that film with Leonardo DiCaprio!

We first visited Thailand in 2008 (5 years ago), on the way to live in Australia. We had packed up our life in the UK – gave up the lease on our flat, gave up our jobs, saved money and shipped items to our pal in Melbourne with dreams that we could see what was out there in the big-wide world. As it stood, we were both pretty green at this travel malarkey and hoped that a few weeks backpacking in Thailand on the way would help savvy us up a bit and also give us a very well-deserved break after all of our organising. Yet it seemed that our most recent trip (our third time there) was one of the best.

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Waterfalls in Chiang Mai are Impressive

Last month, we visited Huay Kaew Waterfall and Mon Tha Than Waterfall, both on Doi Suthep Mountain, Chiang Mai.

As you can see – the afternoon’s activities resulted in us being impressed. Very impressed indeed.

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The Rickshaw Run (Part 4) – Reaching the finish line

The Rickshaw Run - Making Friends
 Thanks for following our Rickshaw Run story so far. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you still need to catch up, then you can get to parts 1, 2 and 3 by clicking on the links!

We started north on our final leg to Shillong, in the north-east of India. There’s pretty much one road into Assam through a very narrow channel in the north-east and off that there leads a road up to Darjeeling. How tempted we were to take the Rickshaw up to the foothills of the Himalayas, but we would have only got to spend one night there, so we drove past looking wistfully over our shoulders as other teams with more time than us took the rickety road north. Still, it didn’t matter as we were greeted, for the first time since arriving in India, with sweet-smelling air.

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