Our First Festival with a Baby!

Our First Festival with a Baby!

By @wayoutfarvicki

After weeks and weeks of waiting, it’s finally the night before Camp Bestival. We’re doing this family-friendly music festival with a 7 month old baby in tow and thought you might like to see what we have decided to pack for the weekend. No doubt we’ll experience some learning curves as we go but hope we remember enough stuff to mean we can all enjoy ourselves!

All packed for Camp Bestival!As regular readers may have seen from our post What to Pack for Glastonbury Festival, we are not strangers to camping out in the English countryside whilst rain dribbles down our necks and we mosh along to a super loud band or DJ whilst drinking the dregs of a warm cider. We live for it! It was very disappointing not to have got Glastonbury tickets the past two years. Bestival’s little sister festival Camp Bestival had tickets available back in May when we were looking at the summer’s line up and it seemed like a family friendly alternative that would allow us get back into the swing of things since baby came along.

The Basics

We already own a two-room four man tent so will have plenty of room to sit inside of it rains plus we have a self inflating mattress where we will sleep with baby. It feels like a travel cot may be too bulky to take with us so hoping that lots and lots of bedding and blankets will suit. We can then add or peel away for the baby depending on the temperature.

Camp Bestival is aimed at families so hope we won’t keep anyone awake if baby cries in the night but suspect there’ll be plenty of people in the same boat as us. At least we’ll all be comfy as we’ll all need some good sleep to walk around and see music and acts over the weekend.

Nom Noms

We’re taking a stove and kettle in order to make a cup of tea and fry an egg in the morning. Baby has a big bag of Ella’s Kitchen baby food to have on the go as we can’t guarantee if we can feed her what we’re eating as she’s a Baby Led Weaning baby. Apart from that were taking some beer and snacks for us and then plan to eat from some of the amazing food vendors we have read about.

So Much Stuff!

For the first time ever I think we are packing too much stuff. There are things that we think we could possibly do with and as we have a baby with us am not leaving it to chance. In order to get it all from the car to the campsite, Josh has invested in a small cart. It has a Brighton number plate making it extra pimping.

The Full List
Tent, pegs and tools
Pram and cart to carry baby and stuff
Sleeping bags and blankets (baby has a Gro-bag and a pram suit for the nights)
Two small pillows
Self inflating air bed
Clothes for us and two changes of clothes per day for baby
Fancy Dress for Saturday
Waterproofs & wellies
Suntan lotion, sun hats and sun glasses
Phone and charger
Wet wipes and anti-bac gel, loo roll
Toiletries inc. dry shampoo – a festival must!
First aid kit
Camping chairs
Torches and lamps plus fairy lights for pram
Cool bags with fresh food
Pint of milk, eggs, bread, butter, fresh fruit
Ready mixed G&Ts for when we put up the tent
Cups for tea, tea bags, kettle
2 boxes of beer and ale
Tea / Coffee n a ours
Gas stove and fuel
Camping kettle, frying pan and plates
Small sharp knife for cutting food
Washing up sponge and small bottle of liquid
Toys to distract baby
Fruit bars and crisps for snacking on
Many, many binkies for baby
Drinking water bottles
Money (no queing at the cash point for us!)


This list is by no means over as we will probably a whole bunch more of last minute items as we panic pack it all into the car.

We’ll let you know how we got on after the weekend!


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