Ibiza Road Trip

Ibiza Road Trip

By @wayoutfarvicki

At a rather swollen 26 weeks pregnant, we headed off to Ibiza to attend the wedding of a dear friend. It was decided that we would try and make a trip of it rather than attend just for the ceremony as it would be the last time that I could fly before the baby arrived and we weren’t too sure if we would be going away again over the coming months. In between wedding duties and relaxing, our mission was to try and see if we could see as much of the island as possible, having only stayed in tourist trap San Antonio many years ago, which meant hiring a car and getting our Ibiza road trip (and sunnies) on!


We booked the rather awesome Can Skye retreat. It’s the first and only place in Ibiza that specializes in Dolphin improvisation although we uh, passed on that particular treat as we had a rather busy week already planned. It was a great place to stay though, with an amazing sea view out to the east of the island which you could savour whilst swimming in a raised swimming pool overlooked by Buddha. The rooms were filled with lovely shabby chic furniture and TV-free which suited the overall vibe of the place where hammocks and lush gardens encouraged guests to indulge in “me-time” instead.

Maybe it was a bit too quiet as we didn’t really see any other guests apart from the morning when breakfast is served in the garden. However the place came alive when we returned one evening to an impromptu film night and around 50 guests perched on various chairs watching the screening of a documentary from a local film-maker. That didn’t happen every night and was a shame as the space is so suited to socialising!

The Car

Our Ibiza road trip car

It looks as if Josh is saying he just hired one car. Yes, that’s what he means.

We hired a Kia direct from the airport branch of Atesa for a total of £163.09 for six days. It was probably a little bulky for the streets of Ibiza Town but was nice and comfortable for an Ibiza road trip and that was the main criteria when picking a car this time: comfort. This trip was not the time to be roughing it, but instead thinking of how quickly a heavily pregnant lady could get at any one time and trying to reduced those potential episodes. Safer for Josh this way!

The Trip(s)


We spent a total of six nights on the island and spent a couple of the days attending wedding functions. In between those and general relaxing, we took mini roads trips across the island during the day and in the evening. Our favourite places were as follows:

Cala de Sant Vincent
We spent the evening eating and drinking in On the Beach in Cara de Sant Vincent up in the north east of the island. It is lit up at night in a way that reminded us of reggae bars in Thailand. It is the only place worth going to on this end of the road town as everything else seems to be hotel run i.e. typical in-house entertainment of a lady singing “Eviva España” to a guy playing keyboards.


Image src: facebook.com/pages/On-The-Beach-Ibiza-Chill-Out/

Atlantida Beach Ibiza,  Playa d’en Bossa
We happened upon this amazing fish resturant one night as the heavens opened. Not only did they have a table free but the food was delicious (mainly fish dishes) and none of this pizza or steak and chips fare commonly offered on popular beach front restaurants. No menus – our server had to drag the board with all the dishes written on them over to us, which was quite amusing! Outside we could hear the faint doof doof of the clubs as they opened for that night’s business and were a little sad to not be partying this time round in Ibiza. Space would have been no place for a pregnant lady, so this little find really made up for it.


Image src: User icegirl2 via Flickr

Es Cavallet Beach
We were invited to El Chiringuito for the afternoon to meet up with the bride and groom before the wedding later that week. Although we didn’t stay for long, we certainly took time to drink in this rather splendid restaurant venue. Our party had an area reserved with beach beds overlooking the sea. If you were looking and booked in advance (neither of which applied to us!) then eating here is certainly a treat too, although fairly expensive. Our main aim was to see if we could spot any nude bathers on the beach as Es Cavallet is also one of Ibiza’s nude-friendly beaches. We’ll certainly be back more prepared next time to reserve a table and sample some food (with binoculars).

San Carlos Church
The main wedding venue in Santa Eulalia was absolutely stunning and a highlight of our trip. It’s so picturesque outside the church, which sits on the middle of a village. Hippies used to gather here back in the 1960s and use their art as payment for food and drinks whilst no doubt exchange bohemian ideas and get up to no good. The church is a popular venue for many international weddings and it’s easy to see why with its white exterior, high ceilings and amazing alter (see picture below). It was hot inside though. Very hot and the bride and groom did a wonderful job of looking very cool throughout the ceremony!


Cafe del Mar, San Antonio
We were keen to head back to San Antonio and see the sun set again from Cafe del Mar as we did nine years previously. The last time we came to Ibiza we stayed exclusively this side of island, only venturing out to the super clubs at night and Ibiza Town on our last day. We were young and this was our first trip together, but we still managed to get bored enough to go out and explore Ibiza beyond just the bars and clubs. It was great to head to Cafe del Mar a few times and watch the sunset though and that was still a pleasure nine years later.

Overall, Ibiza was very relaxed and not the typical type of road trip that we like to take. The adventure was certainly limited, but we have quite a good excuse for taking it easy this time around! We had always wanted to explore the island a but more and was glad of the chance to do so at a leisurely pace. We can definitely see ourselves coming back here again the next time we need a time out. I can’t wait!


Vicki – 2005


Vicki – 2014 (bigger belly)


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