Hurricane Sandy: Thoughts are With New York

Hurricane Sandy: Thoughts are With New York
Hurricane Sandy - Manhattan


Wow – it’s crazy to think that New York had one of it’s most eventful nights this week with the landing of Hurricane Sandy (now labelled a post-tropical cyclone). Last week whilst we were there, the skies were blue and the thoughts of the storm were very much in the back of New Yorker’s minds, even though the news was telling them it was coming. Residents were more interested about the upcoming televised Presidential debate. Now 8 million residents remain without electricity across the east coast – although not north of 26th Street as you can see in the picture above.

Times Square continues to beam it’s ads despite the weather. Below is the picture we took 10 days ago whilst out for the evening:

Times Square

Times Square just 10 days ago

One cab driver interviewed by BBC News said last night that he had never known a time like it and the only comparison he can make is the day of 9/11. However, he was quick to point out that New Yorkers that “Of the eight and a half million people in New York city, let’s say six million don’t have a problem” and that the focus was getting power and transport back on and “New York will get back on the same beat.”

Well I sincerely hope that they do get back to normal, despite the loss of life and devastation that the storm has brought, I genuinely do wish that New York recovers quickly and safely in the days of the aftermath and that they get the governmental support they need to help do so.

If you’re planning a trip to New York – don’t cancel it just yet. The economy needs your money! You may not be able to fly out yet, but most major airlines are slowly resuming flights. Airlines have started flying to JFK and Newark again today, but not all flights are running.

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