The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

By @wayoutfarvicki

This month, it was our annual trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which we have attended for the past four years. We’ve already given our best hints and tips for having a great festival in this post right here, but wanted to show off some of our pictures from this summer’s jaunt. It will be the last time that we visit the Fringe for a couple of years as we are expecting baby this Christmas and can’t imagine how we’ll do the trip next year, so we made sure we booked a nice hotel in the centre of the city, researched some good comedy to see (yes we know there’s more to the Fringe but we LOVE comedy!) and waddled off to soak in the ambiance.
This is The Stand Comedy Club which is credited for putting Scotland on the map when it comes to comedy. Back in the old days, comedy performers used to head to London to perform on the circuit and then to the Fringe during the summer. The arrive of The Stand meant that performers could head back to Edinburgh and then Glasgow all year round, and would eventually be able to attract performers from all around the world. Stewart Lee, Officially the 41st Best Stand Up Ever, is about to come onto the stage here. We have seen it a few times and he really is one of the best stand-up comedians out there due to the fact that he is able to make the very act of the comedy delivery itself reflectively funny (NOTE: ….look at us reviewing the arts!!)

Below is a shot of the Underbelly space, one of the many pop-up areas that take over the squares, parks and well, any space that can fit a microphone and an audience. Pop up spaces during the Fringe are big and sophisticated. Tents with air conditioning, fully stocked bar and eateries on the outside. The acts in the main tent aren’t free and tickets costs around £10 per act depedning on who you’re seeing (Jimmy Carr seems to always cost £17.50 although it’s not like we don’t see him enough on TV).


Can’t even remember who we saw here but this is a typical Free Fringe venue. If an act is popular, seats will fill up quickly, so arriving a bit early helps and also having a back-up plan (as this gig was) in case next door doesn’t have any room left. Good Fringe etiquette is to add a few coins to the bucket that the comedian will hold at the door at the end of the gig. Don’t leave beforehand unless they are really bad as you’ll look like a cheapskate and may get called out by the act…which nobody wants. wayoutfar_edinburgh-fringe-2014-empty-stage


Below is an amazing photo board that lives inside of The Pleasance Dome, collection of theatre spaces that function  nicely as a key venue during the Fringe. wayoutfar_edinburgh-fringe-2014-pleasance-dome

We’re never ones to miss an opportunity for a selfie… Here we catch up with Edinburgh Resident Robbie who once stunned us a few years back by spitting on the Heart of Midlothian in front of a bunch of American tourists as we walked up the Royal Mile. Not knowing that it was encouraged, watching their faces react with horror and then wondering if we should be running for it made Robbie laugh all the more harder at us all. Locals eh?wayoutfar_edinburgh-fringe-2014-friendswayoutfar_edinburgh-fringe-2014-train-journey

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