Dining at the speakeasy Dry Martini, Barcelona

Dining at the speakeasy Dry Martini, Barcelona

As a rule, Way Out Far wouldn’t usually post about restaurants from the places we’ve been, unless it was really weird (we have to tell you about that yak’s milk tea that we had in Mongolia sometime) . There are a lot of other travel blogs that are so much better than us at that type of thing to be honest, but as I am not a full time travel blogger, I have to try and fit in my trips when I can and if I go away for work, it can get pretty difficult to try and keep my Way Out far hat on whilst doing my day job. As such, I don’t have much to share with you about Barcelona apart from this lovely restaurant.

It’s called speakeasy Dry Martini and it was opened in 2002 by master cocktail-maker Javier de las Muelas, located at the Dry Martini warehouse and it pays homage to the Prohibition era of 1920s America the USA. Interestingly enough every customer that orders a Martini can receive a signed certificate, with the millionth dry Martini being served in 2010.

What made this place so interesting for me was the décor  You walk into a bar that transports you back to another time and place, with even the cash register being from a bygone era. There’s stuff green leather, velvet drapes and brass fittings throughout. Our group sat down in the bar and enjoyed it whilst we waited for our table and I got to sample some exciting fruit-based Martini’s. Once our table was ready, we were escorted out through a door in the back of the bar, through a corridor, past the kitchen and into a back room where there were around 8 tables for dining. One of the walls of the dining room was staked floor to ceiling with shelves of liquors and spirits (see the main picture), whilst another held the wine cellar. The bottles were backlit, and the lights over the table hung low, giving off a real speakeasy vibe.

speakeasy Dry Martini
I am very much into my food as opposed to my cocktails or wine, so can only rave about the last dish that I had which was a crème brulee desert and it was divine. It’s a shame that we are in the era of the non-smoking bar as it would have really added to the atmosphere to see the back room smoky perhaps with the light tinkle of a piano playing in the background and clinking of glasses with our clandestine booze.

It’s a little expensive compared to other restaurants in Barcelona, but if you want a spectacle whilst you dine – I highly recommend it! Have you been? Can you recommend places like this where you have? Tell us below! In the meantime, I will get writing that review of yak’s milk from Mongolia…

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