Coming Up on the Road Trip Calendar

Coming Up on the Road Trip Calendar

We started the year travelling to Thailand and fitting in a mini road trip to share with you all, now it’s time to reveal our next road trip and hopefully give you some inspiration to try it yourself! Find out where we’re going (if you can’t guess from the picture) after the jump…

After much deliberation about choosing a European destination, we decided to look west of our London location to Ireland. An Ireland Road Trip! Josh lived in the south for many years as a child and has not returned since he was a teenager, so it makes sense to head back on the year of our first wedding anniversary so we can create new memories whilst reliving past ones.

Josh's childhood house in Kilwatermoy

Josh’s childhood house in Kilwatermoy

Planning  to Drive Around Ireland

With only 5 days to spare, how do we make this trip worthwhile and get as much value out of it as we can? Well, it’s not by driving there to London I’m afraid. If we had another spare two days we would have done this, but a drive to Liverpool or Fishguard would take the best part of a day and add £300 to our trip with the ferry costs, plus fuel. We have decided to fly to Cork from Heathrow instead with Aer Lingus at a  cost of £150 each and then we’ll hire car once we get there.

There’s a lot of areas that we need visit, such as where Josh grew up and went to school, but other than that the route is up for discussion, with the first suggestion shown above.

We put the news about our trip on our Facebook first and it garnered a lot of responses and suggestions about where to visit, so we’ve added a couple of those to the itinerary: the Cliffs of Moher and Killarney in particular but looking forward to exploring Cork, Waterford, Tralee and walking out to the most southern point of Ireland at Mizen Head.

The trip is planned for the end of March, so we have time to add things to the itinerary but knowing us, we’ll abandon it all on day one and then do what feel like each day. As long as we get to visit some of the places that Josh grew up in I’ll be pleased but the rest will be serendipity!


  1. This is such a good read, I want to come too. From my experience of Ireland you’ll need a mac, of the waterproof kind. I shared with you a link to my favourite destinations, some still to be explored!



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