Our Australian Family Holiday (with a One-Year Old)

By @wayoutfarvicki

Last month we headed out to Melbourne for our big Australian Family Holiday for a very dear friend’s wedding, taking with us on our travels for the first time, our small  one-year old baby. We have visited Australia a few times and even had lived there for a year back in 2008. It’s a dear place to us and we couldn’t wait to show it off to her plus have a great catch-up with old friends.
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Flying to Australia with a One Year Old Baby

By @wayoutfarvicki

Wow – we didn’t mean to be away from the blog this long but life has been really busy since the baby came along and definately no time to plan trips or do any actual travel. That is until now. We have been invited to a wedding in Melbourne, Australia that we just cannot refuse to attend and figured that as most airlines offers free or very low cost flights for children under two years, we would be crazy not to give this a try.

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Our First Festival with a Baby!

By @wayoutfarvicki

After weeks and weeks of waiting, it’s finally the night before Camp Bestival. We’re doing this family-friendly music festival with a 7 month old baby in tow and thought you might like to see what we have decided to pack for the weekend. No doubt we’ll experience some learning curves as we go but hope we remember enough stuff to mean we can all enjoy ourselves! read more…

We’re back! Happy New Year!

By @wayoutfarvicki

Hello! We’d like to introduce the new addition to Way Out Far: Scarlett. She was born last month and has been keeping us very busy as we get to know her. They say that a baby changes your life and we would like to tell “they” (whoever “they” are) that “they” are right! It’s been an exhausting, thrilling, emotional, happy, tiring, fascinating and wonderful time so far and everyday we’re so excited to be on this journey with her. It’s not a road trip for sure, but there will be plenty to see and do on the way no doubt! We’ve missed chatting about travel, so thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to and what we have planned on Way Out Far this year….
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Travel With a Baby – Will it Happen for Us?

By @wayoutfarvicki

The time is almost near. in just under four weeks, we hope to welcome our baby into the world. It’s getting harder to find time to write posts and soon we won’t have much time at all as our days will be filled with feeding and catching bits of random sleep when we can. So before this fate befalls us, we thought it would be fun to put some ideas together about if and how we could travel with a baby. It might not happen for a while. We may be housebound for months as our new evil baby overlord master demands food and sleep to the point where we have no time to even shower let alone think about the luxury of travel, so this post will be interesting to revisit next year to see how far we can get planning a road trip or any type of travel with a baby. Enjoy!
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A Newbies Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

wayoutfar_ho-chi-mihn-city-crossing-streetBy @wayoutfarvicki

Back in 2009, we headed to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in Vietnam, the first stop of our travels around south-east Asia. We arrived expecting a bit of hustle and bustle having watched the Top Gear Vietnam Special when we lived in Australia, but in reality, HCMC and indeed Vietnam in general is a crazy, zany place with no rules where traffic is a free-for-all adventure and people are kind and yet opportunistic. This post isn’t really meant to be for those who want to know what accommodation to book or where to visit, more what aspects to HCMC and Vietnam to expect that we certainly weren’t expecting. It’s a bit of fun really.
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Ibiza Road Trip

By @wayoutfarvicki

At a rather swollen 26 weeks pregnant, we headed off to Ibiza to attend the wedding of a dear friend. It was decided that we would try and make a trip of it rather than attend just for the ceremony as it would be the last time that I could fly before the baby arrived and we weren’t too sure if we would be going away again over the coming months. In between wedding duties and relaxing, our mission was to try and see if we could see as much of the island as possible, having only stayed in tourist trap San Antonio many years ago, which meant hiring a car and getting our Ibiza road trip (and sunnies) on!
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The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

By @wayoutfarvicki

This month, it was our annual trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which we have attended for the past four years. We’ve already given our best hints and tips for having a great festival in this post right here, but wanted to show off some of our pictures from this summer’s jaunt. It will be the last time that we visit the Fringe for a couple of years as we are expecting baby this Christmas and can’t imagine how we’ll do the trip next year, so we made sure we booked a nice hotel in the centre of the city, researched some good comedy to see (yes we know there’s more to the Fringe but we LOVE comedy!) and waddled off to soak in the ambiance.
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The ‘Preggers’ Euro Road Trip (Part 1)

The Euro Road Trip
By @wayoutfarvicki

Last week we headed off in a camper van for a week long mystery Euro road trip with no idea where we would end up and only our ferry tickets booked. Being no strangers to a mystery driving tour, we wanted the trip to be spontaneous and fun, enabling us to discover more of a family-friendly Europe that we could visit again and again in the future, especially now that we were planning to have a baby later this year.
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The Final Day of Our SE Asia Travels

Our last day in SE Asia - Kuala LumpurBy @wayoutfarvicki

We found our diary entry for our last day on our SE Asia travels back from 2009 and wanted to share it with you as we celebrate 5 years since we got back…

7th June 2009 So here we are – our very last day away from home and it’s our last day in SE Asia. We’re in Kuala Lumpur. So many places have become home over the past 15 months that going back to London just feels like another adventure. We slept in until 11am in our windowless room in which was so stuffy. I long for a good night’s sleep soon! Then we fed up on free breakfast and cught the train to the Petronas Towers – the largest twin buildings in the world.
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A Night with Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tours

The Ship Tavern, HolbornBy @wayoutfarvicki

Last month, I was kindly invited to join the Dragon and Flagon London Pub Tour (disclaimer: via Twitter for free – lucky me!) and being that I had found myself kind of stuck in a rut with the pubs that I frequent in central London, took up the kind offer only if to provide a useful service to the Way Out Far readership and not simply just to enjoy several pints of London’s finest beer and ale on a Friday night. Honest.

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The Travel Bug Has Hit: Trans-Siberian Express Anyone?


It hit about two days ago. I was sat in front of the television watching a show about people who couldn’t understand why they were putting on weight and then BAM! – my brain woke up from it’s stupor and shouted at me: “YOU HAVEN’T TRAVELLED ON THE TRANS-SIBERIAN EXPRESS YET!!” This is how the travel bug bites (is it the same for you?) and once it had I couldn’t think of anything else and so abandoned my banal TV watching to research, research, research!

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Graffiti from Around the World

London grafitti
We are big fans of interesting graffiti and everywhere we have been around the world, we try and stop and look in those nooks and crannies in the back streets to find any gems we can take pictures of. In this post, we share with you some of our favourites from our travels and try to remember when and where they were taken. If you have any of your own pictures to share, we love to see them, so leave a post in the comments below.
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Road Trip to Cornwall

wayoutfar-cornwall-lands-end-sign A couple of weeks back we headed on a road trip to Cornwall to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. We had wanted to head down to The English Rivera for some time and couldn’t wait to pick a car, fire up the GoPro and soak in some seaside.

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Road Trip to SXSW 2014 (with GoPro)

We bought and GoPro Hero as it felt like a lot of our videos are a touch on the shaky side when using any camera bigger than our hands. Vicki was also heading to SXSW 2014, the interactive conference in Austin, Texas (after raving about her trip last year) so we thought we would combine the two together in this video for you. We think the stop animation worked much better than the sped-up video but we’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

Josh made the tune. You can hear more of his stuff over on: https://soundcloud.com/josh-u-r

More Vintage Postcards – New York Edition

Way Out Far - Vintage Postcards
Here at Way Out Far, we’re big fans of vintage postcards, often found when stumbling across thrift shops and fleas markets when we are away. Vintage postcards are a great way of seeing how where people used to travel and how they used to travel. We had a rummage around the Brooklyn Flea Market last autumn (or Fall depending what side of the pond you are on) when visiting New York and this is what we found.
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Planning the Perfect Iceland Road Trip in Winter

Jökulsárlón iceberg glacier lagoon, IcelandBack in December, we headed off for our planned Iceland road trip around the island between Christmas and the start of the new year. Our main aim was to get away from it all and seek out the hallowed Northern Lights. If Joanna Lumley can do it, then so can we! Remember that we had only really done road trips in warm countries, so we really had to think ahead this time and make some preparations that we may have usually left until we were on the road.

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