Flying to Australia with a One Year Old Baby

Wow – we didn’t mean to be away from the blog this long but life has been really busy since the baby came along and definately no time to plan trips or do any actual travel. That is until now. We have been invited to a wedding in Melbourne, Australia that we just cannot refuse to attend and figured that as most airlines offers free or very low cost flights for children under two years, we would be crazy not to give this a try. This will be the baby’s first ever flight and it’s a long one. There are quite a few things to think and worry about beforehand from an organisational point-of-view, so thought I would share the plans for flying to Australia with a one-year-old baby in the hope that it may help those of you also looking to plan a 24-hour flight with a similar-sized small person. Working Out the Sleep Schedule Our first flight is at 10.50am and for 12 hours 40 minutes, so ideally she will nap twice and then go to sleep for the night too. I helped to develop a travel tool for type 1 diabetes users a few years back which helped patients plan when to take their insulin on a long-haul flight and so am going to borrow a tip from that and set alerts for when baby should sleep on my phone. Airlines try and trick you into the new time zones by serving food at the new times and turning the cabin lights down during the ‘new’ time zone’s night. This way she can sleep was she’s meant to rather... read more

Our First Festival with a Baby!

After weeks and weeks of waiting, it’s finally the night before Camp Bestival. We’re doing this family-friendly music festival with a 7 month old baby in tow and thought you might like to see what we have decided to pack for the weekend. No doubt we’ll experience some learning curves as we go but hope we remember enough stuff to mean we can all enjoy ourselves! As regular readers may have seen from our post What to Pack for Glastonbury Festival, we are not strangers to camping out in the English countryside whilst rain dribbles down our necks and we mosh along to a super loud band or DJ whilst drinking the dregs of a warm cider. We live for it! It was very disappointing not to have got Glastonbury tickets the past two years. Bestival’s little sister festival Camp Bestival had tickets available back in May when we were looking at the summer’s line up and it seemed like a family friendly alternative that would allow us get back into the swing of things since baby came along. The Basics We already own a two-room four man tent so will have plenty of room to sit inside of it rains plus we have a self inflating mattress where we will sleep with baby. It feels like a travel cot may be too bulky to take with us so hoping that lots and lots of bedding and blankets will suit. We can then add or peel away for the baby depending on the temperature. Camp Bestival is aimed at families so hope we won’t keep anyone awake if baby cries in the night but... read more

Brighton Road Trip

By @wayoutfarvicki Last week we headed down to Brighton on our first road trip as a family. The plan was to stay at a nice hotel on seafront, wrap up warm and take a long walk by the sea with a mooch around the shops if we had time. It turned out that this destination had more in store for us than we had planned for and our lives would be changed by the time we went home. Packing As new parents, there would be no more throwing a small bag together and buying toothpaste at the local garage if you forgot it. Lack of sleep makes one’s judgement a tad wobbly, so even at home, preparing for all eventualities with a baby means the difference between a quick and painless change of the nappy with minimal crying or an utter meltdown that can be heard from miles away. You need nappies, baby wipes, nappy sacks and nappy cream at the very least if you are heading into the outside world. Staying the night away? Well then you’ll need a bed, spare clothes, pyjamas, a sleeping bag for the baby, spare blankets in case it’s too cold. I breastfeed my baby so am a walking snack bar, but the list would go on if I had to cart bottles and sterilising equipment around with me too. We seemed to be able to fit it all into the Moses basket that we would taking for baby to sleep in by being smart with the packing. A baby gym could be taken apart and folded into the curve of the cot and also... read more

We’re back! Happy New Year!

By @wayoutfarvicki Hello! We’d like to introduce the new addition to Way Out Far: Scarlett. She was born last month and has been keeping us very busy as we get to know her. They say that a baby changes your life and we would like to tell “they” (whoever “they” are) that “they” are right! It’s been an exhausting, thrilling, emotional, happy, tiring, fascinating and wonderful time so far and everyday we’re so excited to be on this journey with her. It’s not a road trip for sure, but there will be plenty to see and do on the way no doubt! We’ve missed chatting about travel, so thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to and what we have planned on Way Out Far this year…. New Car! As some of you may know, we use ZipCar to drive around London as it’s a cost effective way to own a car without the added costs of repairs, tax, insurance and such, and for the big road trips we like to hire different cars and vans depending on our needs. However the cost of driving out to see family who live outside London was getting pretty high, so we decided to take the plunge and buy a new car! It’s a Peugeot 308 1.6L with a diesel engine which means it should be cost effective for all the times we want to hit the road and big enough to fill with tents, camping equipment, extra people, the baby’s buggy and the kitchen sink. We are parents now and so have to be prepared for any and every eventuality. New Trip Planned!... read more

Travel With a Baby – Will it Happen for Us?

By @wayoutfarvicki The time is almost near. in just under four weeks, we hope to welcome our baby into the world. It’s getting harder to find time to write posts and soon we won’t have much time at all as our days will be filled with feeding and catching bits of random sleep when we can. So before this fate befalls us, we thought it would be fun to put some ideas together about if and how we could travel with a baby. It might not happen for a while. We may be housebound for months as our new evil baby overlord master demands food and sleep to the point where we have no time to even shower let alone think about the luxury of travel, so this post will be interesting to revisit next year to see how far we can get planning a road trip or any type of travel with a baby. Enjoy! The Fantasy – Easy to Transport Small babies are easy to carry around and if we end up using a sling, then we may not even need to take a pram with us which would save long airport queues and starting pram wars on buses. The Reality? Carrying a 6lb baby  (please god…oh please don’t let the baby be any bigger when labour hits…) around should be easy however, that baby WILL be getting bigger and I’m not sure how easy things will be without taking a pram or pushchair out with us. We may have to suck it up that we’ll be a travelling procession of baby furniture like the rest of the parent-race. The Fantasy... read more

A Newbies Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

By @wayoutfarvicki Back in 2009, we headed to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in Vietnam, the first stop of our travels around south-east Asia. We arrived expecting a bit of hustle and bustle having watched the Top Gear Vietnam Special when we lived in Australia, but in reality, HCMC and indeed Vietnam in general is a crazy, zany place with no rules where traffic is a free-for-all adventure and people are kind and yet opportunistic. This post isn’t really meant to be for those who want to know what accommodation to book or where to visit, more what aspects to HCMC and Vietnam to expect that we certainly weren’t expecting. It’s a bit of fun really. Expect to Be Almost Run Over We arrived on the city quite late at night so headed straight to our hotel and were woken up at around 5am by a lot of noise. In comparison to London, it was quite noisy – which was saying something! Vietnamese like to start their days early and the vehicle of choice when heading out to work is a moped. Literally hundreds cram onto the streets driving side by side and with as many people balanced on them as possible, like there’s some sort of Guinness World record that needs breaking every day. The rules of the road are ignored and road users jump red lights, drive through pedestrian crossings and generally do what they feel like in order to get where they are going. As a pedestrian you need to be aware that even if you are crossing at the official black and white crossing, moped (and all other)... read more

Ibiza Road Trip

By @wayoutfarvicki At a rather swollen 26 weeks pregnant, we headed off to Ibiza to attend the wedding of a dear friend. It was decided that we would try and make a trip of it rather than attend just for the ceremony as it would be the last time that I could fly before the baby arrived and we weren’t too sure if we would be going away again over the coming months. In between wedding duties and relaxing, our mission was to try and see if we could see as much of the island as possible, having only stayed in tourist trap San Antonio many years ago, which meant hiring a car and getting our Ibiza road trip (and sunnies) on! Accommodation We booked the rather awesome Can Skye retreat. It’s the first and only place in Ibiza that specializes in Dolphin improvisation although we uh, passed on that particular treat as we had a rather busy week already planned. It was a great place to stay though, with an amazing sea view out to the east of the island which you could savour whilst swimming in a raised swimming pool overlooked by Buddha. The rooms were filled with lovely shabby chic furniture and TV-free which suited the overall vibe of the place where hammocks and lush gardens encouraged guests to indulge in “me-time” instead. Maybe it was a bit too quiet as we didn’t really see any other guests apart from the morning when breakfast is served in the garden. However the place came alive when we returned one evening to an impromptu film night and around 50 guests perched... read more

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

By @wayoutfarvicki This month, it was our annual trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which we have attended for the past four years. We’ve already given our best hints and tips for having a great festival in this post right here, but wanted to show off some of our pictures from this summer’s jaunt. It will be the last time that we visit the Fringe for a couple of years as we are expecting baby this Christmas and can’t imagine how we’ll do the trip next year, so we made sure we booked a nice hotel in the centre of the city, researched some good comedy to see (yes we know there’s more to the Fringe but we LOVE comedy!) and waddled off to soak in the ambiance. This is The Stand Comedy Club which is credited for putting Scotland on the map when it comes to comedy. Back in the old days, comedy performers used to head to London to perform on the circuit and then to the Fringe during the summer. The arrive of The Stand meant that performers could head back to Edinburgh and then Glasgow all year round, and would eventually be able to attract performers from all around the world. Stewart Lee, Officially the 41st Best Stand Up Ever, is about to come onto the stage here. We have seen it a few times and he really is one of the best stand-up comedians out there due to the fact that he is able to make the very act of the comedy delivery itself reflectively funny (NOTE: ….look at us reviewing the arts!!) Below is a... read more

The ‘Preggers’ Euro Road Trip (Part 1)

By @wayoutfarvicki Last week we headed off in a camper van for a week long mystery Euro road trip with no idea where we would end up and only our ferry tickets booked. Being no strangers to a mystery driving tour, we wanted the trip to be spontaneous and fun, enabling us to discover more of a family-friendly Europe that we could visit again and again in the future, especially now that we were planning to have a baby later this year. Road Trip Planning How do you plan to have a ‘spontaneous’ trip? Well, we needed a camper van first. We would truly love just be able to climb straight into one that lived on our metaphorical front garden but we’re north-Londoners with a front door but alas, no front garden – let alone the funds to park a seldom used vehicle in one of Islington Councils’ precious parking spaces. So we hit up the web and found a bargain via Getaway Campers based in south London. The limited mileage and included camping essentials meant that we didn’t have to think about limiting the journey in any way. We could probably have hired a car for less and taken our tent, but we wanted the option of not having to put this up as it would just be a rather pot bellied pregnant Vicki “trying” to help Josh and not getting very far. The only other planning needed to be done in advance was the booking of the ferry from Dover to Calais and back. We planned to leave on the Saturday morning and come back on the Friday,... read more

The Final Day of Our SE Asia Travels

By @wayoutfarvicki We found our diary entry for our last day on our SE Asia travels back from 2009 and wanted to share it with you as we celebrate 5 years since we got back… 7th June 2009 So here we are – our very last day away from home and it’s our last day in SE Asia. We’re in Kuala Lumpur. So many places have become home over the past 15 months that going back to London just feels like another adventure. We slept in until 11am in our windowless room in which was so stuffy. I long for a good night’s sleep soon! Then we fed up on free breakfast and cught the train to the Petronas Towers – the largest twin buildings in the world. Arriving at 12.30pm we were very unlikely to get the free tickets issues every morning to visitors – the limit is 1300, so instead just busied ourselves with taking pictures and being amused by the creative ways that other tourists were taking their pictures. We were staying in the China Town district so we went on the hunt fro some whiskey, ending up in a dodgy liquor store quite a few streets of the broken track. It had every possible drink you could think of and so we bought bad whiskey fro our friends back home. So packed and into a cab, it soon transpired that I had not paid attention to our itinerary as we couldn’t find our flight when we looked at the departures board. We were actually in the wrong airport (KL International) and should have been at... read more

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